What is an electric pickup?

Answer Musical instruments like electric guitars and violins don't magically produce sound just by playing them. Small components known as electric pickups take the raw sound produced by plucking a string... Read More »

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Electric Guitar Pickup Wiring Instructions?

The pickups of a guitar contain a series of small magnetic coils that act as transducers, converting the sound of the strings into electrical current. This current is passed through a wiring system... Read More »

What is difference between electric Hydronic and regular electric baseboard heater?

a hydronic heater uses hot water to heat...electric baseboard uses electric elements to heat . hydronic heat can use electric, oil, natural gas, coal or propane to heat the water.

How to Adjust Electric Brake Shoes on Electric Drum Brakes?

The electric brake shoes and electric brake drums come equipped on different types of camper trailers and cargo trailers. The electric brake shoes work by applying friction to the inside of the ele... Read More »

How much electric current does each of these items need a colour television b vacuum cleaner c stove element d toaster e electric clock?