What Is Beading Elastic?

Answer Beading elastic--also known as "stretchy cord"--is a craft material that enables beading enthusiasts to make more complex pieces without years of practice. The elasticity of the cord eliminates the... Read More »

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What Are Elastic Materials in Nature?

Nature provides us with many natural materials that can later be replicated by man to create less expensive and more easily produced options. Elastic materials are one such material that is commonl... Read More »

What Is an HMO Gag Clause?

Before backlash forced them to change their contract wording, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) used gag clauses to prevent physicians from discussing diagnoses and treatment options with pat... Read More »

What Is Visco-Elastic Memory Foam?

Developed in 1972 by NASA to make take-offs and landings easier on astronauts, visco-elastic memory foam now functions as padding in many mattresses. The foam provides such body contouring comfort,... Read More »

What are the functions of elastic knee braces?

Elastic knee braces are stretchy braces that go over your knee and help give it support. There are several different kinds of braces used for different functions.TypesThere are four different types... Read More »