I am Buying a home theater system, what is a good system to buy that is not expensive.?

Answer What is your budget?

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What is the difference between a PA system and power amp systems , which system can use for big Mosque?

An amplifier is merely an amplifier. A PA system would include an amplifier, speakers & microphones.

To hookup a stereo system to a home theater system do I use the auxilary input to what on Reciever?

I don't quite understand, your surround receiver should have an AM/FM receiver and anything else such as a turn table or CD player (which you should be able to use your DVD player for) can be plugg... Read More »

What are the effects of coffee on the digestive system and excretory system?

Coffee can act as a laxitive, so if you find you are using the bathroom more often, cut back on the coffee and see if that helps. . It has an acid in its make up so it can cause stomach pain in som... Read More »

What is two-way referral System in Health Care delivery System?

Two-way Referral System in Health Care A-two-way referral system in health care delivery is a two-way relationship between a primary health care provider or facility and a higher-level hospital or ... Read More »