What is an echinacea?

Answer The Echinacea is a flower that is used for medicinal porpoises such as a flu of you'r ordinary cold.

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Can I Cut & Propagate Echinacea?

Some plants, such as Ming aralia, propagated by taking a cutting, usually a stem and leaves, from an established plant. When placed in water, the cutting produces roots for planting. However, echin... Read More »

While pregnant is it okay to take echinacea?

Answer Absolutely. It will not harm your child. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically proven to have no effect at all, either good or bad - for anyone.The FDA lists Echinacea as a "Dietar... Read More »

How does echinacea work?

Because it can be toxic if taken for long periods!Four points, I read that in some countries this product cannot be sold in health food shops--like st. johns wort. i.e. possible risks.It can be tox... Read More »

Where are the seeds on echinacea?

The seeds on the echinacea plant are located in the flower head. To harvest these seeds, cut the flower and stem away from the plant and tie a paper bag over the flower head to hang upside down. Al... Read More »