What do you recomend to stay awake?

Answer Good coffe, try putting some Hazelnut on it.

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What can I eat/drink to stay awake?

What is the best way to stay awake for 48 hours aka 2days?

-Get 1 Coffee for every hour once you are feeling like you cant stay awake.-Splash water in your face if you cant keep your eyes open-Do something more active then TV, but not tiring, maybe a video... Read More »

What are ways to stay awake without caffeine?

Apples, they work better than coffee.

What will happen if I stay awake for 4 days?

After you stay awake for a few days you'll start seeing things and hearing things that aren't really there, I used to do it all them time cause of insomnia, It's like taking acid , but I prefer sle... Read More »