What is an easy button?

Answer Nothing, they just have a recorded coice that says "that was easy!"

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What is the i button next to the power button on a Dell Latitude?

The "i" button next to the power button on a Dell Latitude laptop computer activates Latitude ON. Latitude ON is a feature on some Dell laptops that allows a user to check email and browse the Inte... Read More »

Every button except the center home button on my iphone 3g doesn't work what should i do to either fix it or get a new one free?

Adobe Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone, so it is not currently possible to download the Adobe Flash player to the iPhone.

Would like to date a US military uniform button from American Button Co?

Not at all. They are required to carry ID to even get on base.

VB Excel form has no minimize or maximize button, only has close button?

Forms in MS-Excel are not as sophisticated as they are in MS-Access, which is a much more friendly development environment.You will need to add a several lines of code to get this type of functiona... Read More »