What is an easy Mexican Dish for the holiday?

Answer The traditional Mexican "Christmas Salad" can be served as a main dish or even as a desert. Christmas Eve Salad or Ensalada de Noche Buena, is a traditional holiday dish in many areas of Mexico and... Read More »

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Traditional Mexican Holiday Foods?

Holidays in Mexico play an important part of the culture, and food creates one of the cornerstones for those celebrations. Like in other cultures, foods for fiestas served depend on the time of yea... Read More »

Name a mexican dish?

Easy Mexican Crafts?

Whether you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo or teaching a lesson on Mexican culture or just looking for something fun, simple and hands-on to do, making Mexican crafts is an enjoyable and easy project... Read More »

What is your fav. non american and non mexican dish?

I am particular to Swedish and Scandinavian dishes myself. Here are some good recipes. I recommend going to and searching for different ones if these three don't appeal to you.SWEDI... Read More »