What is an easter bonnet?

Answer Decorative Easter bonnets add to the energy and excitement of the springtime celebration day in March or April. Ladies and girls wear the decorative hats to Easter church services, parades and egg ... Read More »

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What did Charles Bonnet discover?

Charles Bonnet was an 18th century French naturalist and philosopher who made discoveries in many areas. In 1740, he described parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction) in certain insects. In 1954, h... Read More »

How to Plan Easter Games for a Children's Easter Party?

If you're planning to hold an Easter party for children, it's important to have a few games to keep them entertained along with the usual Easter goodies like chocolate and sugar treats. There are a... Read More »

Can you give Easter lilies as a Greek Easter present?

Easter lilies are an appropriate gift for the Greek Easter Celebration. They are used to decorate houses and churches at Easter, and symbolize the purity, hope, and new life brought to Christians t... Read More »

How to Find Easter Eggs in an Easter Egg Hunt?

It can be hard to find those Easter eggs!Easter egg hunts are fun and enjoyable. But however, It is a real bother when you can't seem to find the Easter eggs! Here is how to find Easter eggs in an ... Read More »