What is an early detection for lung cancer?

Answer Lung cancer is the leading cause of deaths from cancer in the U.S. There are very few symptoms in the early stage of this disease. Early detection is critical for improving survival rates.Significa... Read More »

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Radiology & Lung Cancer Detection?

Lung cancer is a terminal disease that primarily affects the lungs. However, lung cancer can spread to other tissues and organs through the lymph nodes or the blood stream if not detected early and... Read More »

Do PET Scans help in the early detection of cancer cells in the body?

Difficult one.Yes - theoretically, if you had an as yet undetected cancer, a PET scan would show it up.But this isn't how PET scans are used. A PET scan is an expensive procedure involving a signif... Read More »

Is lung cancer asymptomatic in its early stage?

YES.This is one of the characterstic feature of cancer diseases.In early stages including lung cancer patient remains asypmtomatic.

My boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?

: Try Dr. Richard Schulze's incurable program...he had an underground clinic 20 yof 20 years of reading and study and research and that which probably ears and healed many of the worse kinds of inc... Read More »