What is an average blood pressure in each sitting, standing and laying down position?

Answer normal blood pressure is 120/70 mm/Hg. most position is sitting and no activities when you test.if you have high hypertention you can see to

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What is the effects of sitting, standing and laying down on blood pressure?

Normally all BP in standing postion BP will rise, 10-20 mmHg, while in sitting & lying down it falls 10-20 or more depending on age & pathological.It is constant virtually until teens or early man ... Read More »

Why is blood pressure lower while standing?

Blood pressure is a measure of how hard your blood is pushing against the walls of your veins while it is pumped. Blood pressure is lower when standing due to gravity.Low Blood PressureLow blood pr... Read More »

My ribcage pops out a lot when laying down or standing up?

are you eating enough?Either youve gotten real skinny, in which case you should eat more regularly, or you gotta go to the doctor., cause i dont know what else you can do, cause i dont know what th... Read More »

What is the blood pressure of an average man?

Blood pressure measures the force your heart exerts upon your body's blood vessels. It is a vital sign, one of the indicators doctors use to evaluate basic body function.SignificanceNormal blood pr... Read More »