What is an automobile radio antenna called in Britain?

Answer Automobile radio antennae are often referred to as car radio aerial antennae in Great Britain. While this is the most popular way to refer to automobile radio antennae, it is sometimes simply refer... Read More »

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Does a tv antenna differ from a radio antenna?

Both TV and radio antennas are designed to receive shorter radio wavelengths, which is how TV and radio are broadcast. However, there is a difference between analog and digital antennas. For exampl... Read More »

What was Britain's air force called in ww2?

How to Fix a Radio Antenna?

It all depends on how it is broken, but if it's simply broken in one place, aluminum foil & duct tape can fix it.

What is the flag of Great Britain called?

More commonly referred to as the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain combines the Cross of Saint George, the Cross of Saint Patrick and the Cross of Saint Andrew to form the symbol of the United ... Read More »