What is an auto mechanic's salary?

Answer The salary for an auto mechanic depends on experience and location. As of March 2010, according to, annual salary for an auto mechanic ranges from $22,400 to $61,537. For part-time aut... Read More »

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Salary of Marine Mechanics?

Marine equipment mechanics maintain and repair the engines and mechanical and electrical parts of boats and other watercraft. Some of this work can be done in a repair shop, while some is more easi... Read More »

About Auto Mechanics?

Auto mechanics keep your car on the road. They have evolved along with automobiles to adapt to changing technology, innovations and even experimental vehicles. They train for several years before t... Read More »

The Average Salary of Aviation Mechanics?

Aviation or aircraft mechanics inspect, maintain and repair aircraft assemblies such as engines, hydraulics and landing gear. Many specialize in preventive maintenance to ensure that an aircraft ca... Read More »

The Average Salary of Side Job Mechanics?

Side job mechanics, or those who work part-time as mechanics, often have a full-time job and are seeking extra income with mechanical work on the side. Pay for side job mechanics is based on a vari... Read More »