What is an audited financial statement?

Answer An audited financial statement is prepared and certified by a certified public accountant. The CPA or auditor ensures that the statements conform to the requirements of the generally accepted accou... Read More »

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Do condo members have a right to yearly audited financial statements?

The responsible, moral answer is 'yes', absolutely yes.However, you can read your governing documents to determine the frequency and the audit-level of financials due you from your board of directo... Read More »

What is a UCC financial statement?

UCC stands for Uniform Commercial Code. The financing statement is a document that is filed to show that a security interest has been taken in a particular piece of property or equipment.Significan... Read More »

What is the importance of a financial statement?

Financial statements are important for both the business owners and for potential investors in a business. These documents record the financial situation of a business at a given point in time and ... Read More »

What is an interim financial statement?

Interim financial statements consist of partial year reports produced by companies, individuals or other entities that contain either full or condensed reports that at a minimum provide for a balan... Read More »