What is an audit adverse report?

Answer An adverse audit opinion is an assessment of a firm's financial statements that contain material mistakes from the perspective of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).Adverse versus Disc... Read More »

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What is an audit report?

An audit report is the summary of the findings of an audit that is made by the auditor himself. It generally contains the financial records and accounts of a company, and it is normally done in one... Read More »

What is the purpose of an audit report?

An audit report is a formal opinion of a corporation's financial assets after a thorough examination by an auditor. Corporations use it as a means to evaluate their financial information and distri... Read More »

What is a qualified audit report?

An audit report that raises concern with the auditor is classified as a qualified audit report. The reason for qualification may be the scope of the investigation, or it may be that the audit does ... Read More »

What is the standard audit report?

A report that summarizes an audit by a public accounting firm on a company's liquidity health is called the standard audit report.The FactsWhen the auditing of a company's financial records is done... Read More »