What is an audio port on a computer?

Answer Computer audio ports allow sound to enter your computer (input) or send sound to another device (output). These ports accept 3.5 mm jacks to be plugged into them. Each port is normally color-coded ... Read More »

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Is it possible to get a 3.5 mm audio jack to work in an optical audio out port?

No. A 3.5mm jack is a copper electrical connector while an optical port isn't. Although it is possible to obtain converters between optical and copper, it is an expensive route to take and almost c... Read More »

How to Set Up an XBox 360 & Computer on the Same Modem Which Has a Ethernet Port & a USB Port?

An Internet modem is vital if an Internet-capable device is to go online. You can connect a computer and a Xbox 360 video game console to an Internet modem without the need for a router, providing ... Read More »

Can you set up 2 monitors on a computer with a DVI port and a HDMI port?

No FireWire port for use with m-audio audiophile?