What is an audio frequency generator?

Answer Producing an electronic signal in the human hearing range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, an audio frequency generator is used for the testing and adjustment of electronic equipment, graphing out human hear... Read More »

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How do you program a frequency directly into the memory of a Yaesu FT-60 and still hear the audio when you have tried but there is no audio?

Program Yaesu Ft-60 You may have the right frequency, but there a couple or three encoding schemes for encoding the squelch control on the radio's receive section. You won't be able to hear any au... Read More »

Frequency Generator Vs. Oscillator?

Though terminology for electronics varies, an oscillator produces sine waves and a frequency generator can make other wave types. The two kinds of circuits have different designs and applications. ... Read More »

Resolution frequency is High, Frequency Out of Range in Windows 98. What to do?

Go to a vacant area of your Desktop > Right Click > Properties > Settings > Advanced > Monitor > Tick the box that says "Hide settings this Monitor can not display"Set the monitor to 60Hertz and wo... Read More »

I have 512 ram of frequency 100mhz however my motherboard is set for 133 mhz frequency. how to resolve.?

you don't. the motherboard is downward compatible. it will run itself at 100mhz to match your ram's bus speed.