What is an audio channel?

Answer Just plain 'ol music or radio; will usually feature the name of the artist and maybe a history, or other information. Also of note is the "clock channel" lol

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How to make center channel produce left and right channel audio?

Not really.If you are trying to down-convert the sound to mono - why not just use the TV speakers?(sigh)Ok - some receivers like the Yamaha RX-V series have a feature called 'virtual cinema' that w... Read More »

What Is a Two Channel Audio Receiver?

Most modern entertainment centers, or home theater systems, require multiple audio channels. With most units consisting of a television, DVD or blu-ray player, a stereo and a gaming system, multipl... Read More »

What is HDMI audio return channel?

It will send audio back to the receiver to eliminate needing an additional HDMI cable.

What is the Definition of Channel Separation on a Car Audio Amplifier?

Channel separation from an audio amplifier refers to the amount of crosstalk, or bleeding, between the channels of a stereo system. A low amount of crosstalk is indicative of a large channel separa... Read More »