What is an athletic supporter?

Answer An athletic supporter is often called a jockstrap. A jockstrap is an belt made of elastic that contains a pouch made to support a male's genitalia while he is participating in an athletic activity.... Read More »

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Girdle Vs. Athletic Supporter?

Athletes have to take great care of their bodies. Stretching and training are two important parts of the formula, but a third part is wearing the proper equipment. Two popular pieces of athletic eq... Read More »

Is an athletic supporter worn underneath the underwear?

Athletic supporters, or jockstraps, are worn by male athletes during sporting events to prevent injury. As with most undergarments, personal preference comes into play here. Some men will wear it o... Read More »

What is the best posture supporter?

On One Hand: Posture Supporters Don't Cure Back PainThere may not be a best posture supporter. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there is little evidence showing that posture sup... Read More »

How to Be a Good Axis Supporter?

If you feel that the Ally support gun is overpowered, think again. The MG 34 is just as good at the 30 cal, maybe even better. Remember, no gun is terrible - it's how and where you use it that matt... Read More »