What is a home remedy for getting rid of sigarette smoke in a house?

Answer Since the smell lingers on any fabric (curtains), the baking soda and vinegar, fa breeze will all work, anything that absorbs odor. Pine sol cleaner will also work wonders, if as you say you prefer... Read More »

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The Best Home Remedy for Getting Rid of Fleas?

Fleas can infest your entire home. They can be annoying to your pet, and if there is an allergy to the fleas, your pet can become ill. You could hire a professional exterminator, which is expensive... Read More »

Home Remedy for Getting Strong & Healthy Hair?

Hair is an extension of your skin and nails. Many factors can change the way hair looks and feels such as hormones, hair care and diet. Diet plays a key role in making your hair healthy and strong... Read More »

My teeth after whitening are getting horrible sharp pains how do i stop with a home remedy?

Hold room temperature water in your mouth. Keep drinking room temp water. The pores on your teeth are open due to the bleaching and this will soothe them.

Mole & Wart are getting big?

You really must get the mole checked out with your doctor asap. the wart you can treat yourself with any wart remover...................