What is an aromatic European herbaceous plant with white flowers?

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An aromatic eurasian herbaceous plant?

Does a prayer plant have white flowers?

Prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura) is a perennial houseplant that produces white flowers periodically throughout the year. This tropical plant grows up to 2 feet tall with oval-shaped leaves that fo... Read More »

What plant has large white flowers?

AnswerIt possibly could be one of the many dahlia species. They can occur in many forms including the size you mentioned on the discussion page. Take a look at the web link on the left to see if i... Read More »

How do i plant a herbaceous peony?

LocationPlant herbaceous peonies in early fall in a location where they will get six to eight hours of sunlight each day. Do not plant them near trees or shrubs that will compete for water and nutr... Read More »