What is the origin of the Armenian language?

Answer Armenian is an Indo-European language. Indo-European languages have a common ancestor, which branched off into many languages. One of those languages is what is known today as Armenian. Armenian is... Read More »

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What is your favorite Armenian food?

I love Tabbouleh, Lahmajun, Katlet, Kufta's, and of course Dolma(with grape leaves, yogurt and Garlic, on the side of Matnakash Bread.. yumm, my mouth is watering). I also love one of the main Arme... Read More »

What does a typical Armenian cuisine consist of?

Im Armenian! ooh Im excited someone is asking about Armenian food. Well there is Dolma, which is basically anything stuffed..stuffed tomato, pepper, stuffed grape leaves. There is also kufta, which... Read More »

What kind of Armenian wine is your favorite, pomegranate or grape or....?

Mr Beemer is alcoholic, his 5 gallon water dispenser is filled with Armenian wine, he drinks pomegranate wine as a fresh water. And he drinks Armenian grape wine as a thirst quencher.

How to Learn Armenian?

The Armenian language (հայերեն լեզու, Armenian pronunciation: [hɑjɛɹɛn lɛzu] — hayeren lezow, conventional short form hayeren) is an Indo-Eur... Read More »