How to Say Hello in Armenian?

Answer Here are some words and phrases you might find helpful in a basic conversation in Armenian.

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How to Learn Armenian?

The Armenian language (հայերեն լեզու, Armenian pronunciation: [hɑjɛɹɛn lɛzu] — hayeren lezow, conventional short form hayeren) is an Indo-Eur... Read More »

Is ALANA an Armenian name?

Here is your answer…Or this one…

When did the Armenian Genocide end?

The Armenian Genocide was the organized killing of Armenians by the Turkish government. It began in 1915 and temporarily ended in 1918 due to the end of World War I. However, in 1920 the massacres ... Read More »

Tattoo in ARMENIAN?

Ô»Õ´ Õ´Õ¡Ö€Õ´Õ«Õ¶Õ½ Õ¥Ö‚ Õ¡Ö€Õ«Ö‚Õ¶Õ½, Õ«Õ´ Õ¿Õ«Õ¥Õ¦Õ¥Ö€Ö„Õ½ Õ¡Õ´Õ¢Õ¸Õ²Õ», Õ«Õ´ Õ¡Õ²Õ»Õ«Õ¯Õ½. Ô±Õ¤Õ¡Õ¬Õ«Õ¶ Ô¼Õ¥Ö‚Õ¸Õ¶Õ¡ (or if she is daughter of Levon, maybe it should be " Ô¼Õ¥Ö‚Õ¸Õ¶Õ«" instead... Read More »