What is an architectural column base called?

Answer From the Greek word plinthos, a plinth is a base or sub-base support used when erecting a column for a building or structure. Usually square to ensure maximum strength, a plinth can be made of many... Read More »

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Name for the large convex architectural moulding at base of classical column?

What is the base of a column called?

The base of a column is exactly that...a base. Typically, columns are dived into three parts. The bottom (base), the middle (shaft), and the top (capital).

How to Build an Architectural Site Base Model?

Models are extremely important for architects. The three-dimensionality of architecture requires models to fully flesh out a design. Before the architectural design is completed, architectural mode... Read More »

What is the line called in a table in Microsoft Word where the column and row intersect?

In Microsoft Word, columns and rows intersect to form cells, according to the University of Texas Information Technology Services. Cells can contain a variety of information, such as the results of... Read More »