What Are Arch Circuit Breakers?

Answer An arch circuit breaker is an arc-fault circuit interrupter or AFCI. AFCI circuit breakers are specially designed to prevent arc flashes as a result of the occurrence of an electrical arc within a ... Read More »

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What is the size of the Roman arch?

The size of any arch depends on the amount of weight it needs to support and the materials from which it is made. The Romans used arches in many forms, from aqueduct to the dome of the Pantheon.Ref... Read More »

Why and what is this arch pain in my foot?

Well my first thought was that you pulled a muscle in your arch, but you said it wasn't tender to the touch. And that you would definitely feel massaging it. You could have dislocated a bone in t... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Burning Sensations in Arch of the Foot?

Burning foot is a common complaint, mostly in those people over the age of 50. Symptoms include burning, stinging, redness and swelling. Burning foot can be a very serious condition if not treated ... Read More »

What does a Carnarvon arch look like?

An arch or lintel supported by corbels, or protrusions from a wall.