What is an aquatic plant?

Answer Aquatic plants live and thrive in water. They come in a variety of types, and grow in shallow, deep, salt and fresh water.FeaturesAquatic plants may be partially or fully submerged. They may also g... Read More »

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Aquatic Plant Nutrition?

Aquatic plants, just like other aquatic life, require proper nutrition in order to thrive. Aquatic plants' nutritional requirements are different from those of plants that grow on land, and this is... Read More »

Is seaweed an aquatic plant?

Plants that live in the water are aquatic plants. Seaweed is classified as an aquatic plant. They grow in oceans, seas and freshwater areas. They can sometimes be green, red or brown.References:edH... Read More »

How does oil affect the growth of an aquatic plant?

Oil is a dangerous and deadly substance to add to a water supply; oil spills not only kill animals, they also severely damage and kill large amounts of aquatic plants.FunctionOil and water do not m... Read More »

How do i plant aquatic plants in aquariums?

Picking the plantsLook for healthy plants and roots. Make sure the leaves have no holes and no yellow or brown patches. Do not mix slow growing plants with fast growing plants, as fast growers can ... Read More »