What is an aquarium refugium?

Answer An aquarium refugium is a piece of tank equipment that provides extra storage and more room for the fish to move around. It can be attached to the aquarium with a set of hoses.LocationRefugiums can... Read More »

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How to Set Up Refugium With Sump for Aquarium?

A refugium is essentially a refuge for aquatic life forms you want to protect from the conditions and inhabitants of the main tank. Refugiums have a variety of uses; they are ideal for cultivating ... Read More »

DIY: Small Mangrove Refugium?

Red mangroves (Rhizophora mangles) inhabit shallow salt and brackish waters. Their "aerial prop roots," or root systems that grow exposed in and above the water, earn them the nickname "walking tre... Read More »

How to Use Aquarium Salt in an Aquarium?

Here is how to use aquarium salt in a fish aquarium.

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