Is the SAT an aptitude test or an achievement test?

Answer The SAT is an aptitude test. It tests reasoning and verbal abilities. The SAT helps colleges predict the performance of a student in college. Students who test well do better on the SAT. The ACT is... Read More »

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What is an aptitude test in education?

Schools, and other educational bodies, administer aptitude tests to measure an individual's learning potential in different areas. The purpose of the test is not to measure what a student already k... Read More »

How to Take a Career Aptitude Test?

Changing a career path is not unusual but often regretted. Many individuals wish they had known what they wanted to do when they started college or before. Those people who learn how to take a care... Read More »

How to Prepare for an Aptitude Test?

You don't know what you want to be so your teachers, principal, everyone practically is pushing you towards taking an Aptitude Test. Your palms are sweaty and of course they just smile when you ask... Read More »

Language Aptitude Test Answers?

Aptitude tests are designed to predict a test taker's potential ability in a given area, not his current abilities. In the case of language aptitude tests, the goal of the test is to determine a te... Read More »