What is an appropriate amount of Jack Daniels to wash down my pain killers?

Answer You're getting loaded without me you slutskank.

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How is gentleman jack different to jack daniels?

gentleman jack is smoother. I like it alot, not a big JD fan in general but gentleman jack is way smoother

Hi what is the best way to drink Jack Daniels?

with coke or tonic. I like it with diet coke. You can put it in coffee w/ cream and sugar (Irish coffee). Thats great, too.

What vegetable is Jack Daniels made with?

Jack Daniel's whiskey is primarily made from the vegetable corn and is technically considered a Tennessee whiskey and not a bourbon. The process that distinguishes Tennessee whiskey from Kentucky b... Read More »

What diet solely consists of Cadbury mini eggs and Jack Daniels?

Oh, snap! I just got that down at the Barnes and Noble! It's called The Nolte West Coast Diet! It really works but I got two DUIs and it looks like I might have to do the whole rehab thing since th... Read More »