Your apple iPod headphones jack snapped off you have only had this for a couple months and you have the one year warranty with apple Will Apple replace these headphones?

Answer Yeah its about that, as any mechanical device, headphone also need burn in... The biggest changes happen in the first 24 hours tough... in those first 24 hours dont make them constantly running as ... Read More »

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Can a 6.3mm stereo jack plug into an apple Ipod?

No. You can only use 3.5mm plugs on an iPod. There are adapters however, that change your plug from 6.4mm to 3.5mm.

Ipod touch 4g headphone jack broken, does apple repair it?

If you have a warranty, yes. If not, you'll have to pay.

Proverb week - is it true an apple a day keeps the doctor away - if so what is in an apple?

Dear GoodYou know how this proverb came ? here it is.. a small storyAn apple seller and a doctor loved same girl. apple seller started giving an apple to the girl everyday. the Doctor asked: WHY ??... Read More »

What is the difference between apple butter&apple jelly?

Apple butter and apple jelly are both made from apples, which is about all they have in common. Both styles are very different in taste, texture, ingredients and the process by which they are made.... Read More »