What is the bottom of the apple called?

Answer The bottom of an apple is called a sepal. The sepal is where the blossom was attached to the base of the fruit. Occasionally, the stamen will still be attached to the sepal.References:University of... Read More »

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Who sings"apple bottom jeans&the boots wit da fur"?

While many people refer to this song as "Apple Bottom Jeans," the name of the song is "Low," by Florida rapper Flo Rida and features rapper and singer T-Pain, who hails from Tallahassee, FL.Source:... Read More »

What artist sings"Apple Bottom Jeans"?

"Apple Bottom Jeans" is a line from the chorus of the song "Low," by Flo Rida. According to, the song "Low" features the artist T-Pain, and is available on the "Mail On Sunday" album.Sou... Read More »

Who sings the song"Apple Bottom Jeans Boots with the Fur"?

The song "Low" is by Flo Rida and features T-Pain. The song features the lyrics "Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur." The song topped many of the world's pop charts in 2007 to 2008.Source:Metr... Read More »