How do i know if its my appendix!!?

Answer I think you should relax, because you're not describing appendicitis other than the lower right abdominal location. Other much less urgent and much more common medical problems can cause lower righ... Read More »

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Should I get my appendix removed?

Do i have appendix or appendecitis :'(?

Doesn't sound like appendicitis, but appendicitis can be quirky. Press hard on the lower right side of your abdomen--just above your hipbone--and then let go of the pressure. If this hurts like cr... Read More »

How Do You Know Your Appendix Burst And What Do You Do?

First of all, if you have any indication that your appendix burst, there is no way, and there should be no reason to try and make the pain go away. Don't take aspirin, don't do anything but go to ... Read More »

When does your appendix hurt?

It could be any age but not everyone has there appendix removed..