What is an appendage, purple and throbbing a lot?

Answer Well at least it hasn't gone black, so it will not fall off ,the fancy name is a subungual hematoma but it can be treated easily what you need is an Ice pack and some Pain reliever.Remove all jewe... Read More »

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What is a burning throbbing pain in the foot?

Burning and throbbing in the feet can be an annoying condition that people experience at the end of the day. If pain persists during other parts of the day, a medical condition may be to blame.Swea... Read More »

What does throbbing head pains mean!!?

Worst headache of their life is always a reason to go to the A&E.Always need to rule out a primary cause, such as meningitis

What to do if you feel throbbing after you cut your finger?

What could be the cause of waking up with a throbbing headache?

Crystal Light? Could certainly be the artificial sweetener in that. Almost everyone in my family has some sort of reaction to aspartame. See what happens without the Crystal Light...or anything ... Read More »