Could it be a heart attack or an anxiety attack?

Answer Some thing worse can occur right from sudden death to mental disability. Control your life style, give up all artificial biological stimulant/s as they attack the brain & heart.

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Is this an Anxiety Attack?

I've had a lot of anxiety problems. I never struggled to breathe, but I know that other people have that issue. You should figure out what's causing it, it could be anxiety or it could be something... Read More »

Heart Attack or Anxiety?

I also suffer from anxiety/panic attacks. And trust me, the feelings and sensations you get can vary IMMENSELY. Usually I just feel short of breath, fatigued, and just a nervous feeling over my hea... Read More »

How to relax during a anxiety attack?

Take lots of deep breaths. Get your heart checked also.

Can anxiety cause a heart attack?

Yes, anxiety is a form of stress which can lead to a heart attack if it is severe and added to by any other factors (i.e over weight, weak heart and so on)