What is an antivirus server?

Answer An antivirus server helps protect all of the computers on a network. Depending on the setup of the network, the antivirus server may scan computer files and email messages before they reach the cli... Read More »

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Do you need antivirus for Windows Home Server?

Windows Home Server does not require an antivirus, but Microsoft recommends installing one to keep your server safe. This is especially true for servers connected to the Internet, which are more vu... Read More »

What does incoming POP3 HTTP or IMAP server& outgoing server SMTP mean?

POP3 refers to the third version of Post Office Protocol, which tells an email program which remote server to access to retrieve email. IMAP or Internet Access Message Protocol is another type of e... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Dedicated Server & a Shared Server?

Web hosting is a service where the user places a website on the Internet. There are three types of servers a Web host can choose from to place the website: a dedicated server, a shared server or a ... Read More »

What is diffrence between win2000 server & win 2003 server?

Basically it's just better security features.Better handling of policies for admins.Ease of use to end users.Faster rule implementation.