What is an annuity or structured settlement?

Answer Structured settlements, or annuities, are designed to pay a legal settlement over an extended period of time. A structured settlement can be setup to allow payments in any schedule desired, such as... Read More »

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What is a structured annuity?

A structured annuity is money you receive because of a settlement from a life insurance company or Treasury Bond Trust. When you are injured, you may obtain a payment settlement. This typically com... Read More »

What is a structured settlement?

Structured settlements are payment plans arranged most often for victims with an injury lawsuit award. There are advantages and disadvantages to having a structured settlement, and if the disadvant... Read More »

What Is a Structured Settlement for a Car Accident?

Traditionally, claimants involved in a car accident wait for resolution of their cases and receive a lump-sum payment. A structured settlement refers to a contract between a structured settlement c... Read More »

How to Get Structured Settlement Funding?

It's not uncommon for insurance claims or workers' compensation to be paid as a structured settlement rather than in one lump sum. This means that periodic payments are made to the recipient over t... Read More »