What is an annuity fund?

Answer Annuity funds guarantee an investor a steady stream of income for a predetermined period of time. Through either fixed interest or capital gains, they build upon the investor's contributions and di... Read More »

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What Is Annuity Fund?

Saving for retirement can be a daunting task as the cost of living continues to rise with each passing year. An annuity fund is one of the many available investment options designed to save and mak... Read More »

How Can an Annuity Be Used to Fund a Roth IRA?

Annuities are insurance products that guarantee you an income. Insurance companies invest your money in their general account portfolio or in mutual funds. Then they pay you an income based on the ... Read More »

Annuity Fund Withdrawal?

Annuities are insurance products designed and sold by insurance companies that offer tax-deferred savings for retirement. The savings can be used to supplement your retirement income or can be pass... Read More »

Which is better: a variable annuity or a mutual fund?

On One Hand: Mutual Funds.Mutual funds provide a range of investment options because each funds has its own investment philosophy. In addition, mutual funds generally have lower account fees than v... Read More »