What is an annual plant?

Answer Generally, annual plants begin as a seed, grow, bloom, produce seeds and die in the span of a season. Annual plants are loved by gardeners for their bright flowers and predictable growth patterns. ... Read More »

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How do i plant annual plugs?

PreparationRead the tag on the plug container to determine the specific needs of the plant. Most annual plants require six to eight hours of bright sunlight, but a few varieties will thrive in part... Read More »

How do I select an annual plant?

Inspect the plant to make sure that the leaves are approximately the same shade of green. Yellow leaves may be a sign that the plant is distressed or diseased.Remove the plant from the container if... Read More »

Are tomatoes an annual plant?

Tomatoes are warm-season perennials that are commonly grown in vegetable gardens as annuals. Tomatoes are tender to freezing temperatures and stop producing fruit when the temperature drops. Tomato... Read More »

Is variegata a perennial or annual plant?

The variegata (Brunnera macrophylla) is a perennial plant that blooms anywhere from mid to late spring. They are popular plants because they grow in the shade, require little maintenance and grow b... Read More »