What is an annual plant?

Answer Generally, annual plants begin as a seed, grow, bloom, produce seeds and die in the span of a season. Annual plants are loved by gardeners for their bright flowers and predictable growth patterns. ... Read More »

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What does'annual plant'mean?

According to the horticulture website Floridata, the scientific definition of an annual plant is one that completes its life cycle in one year. This means the plant germinates from seed and progres... Read More »

How do i plant annual plugs?

PreparationRead the tag on the plug container to determine the specific needs of the plant. Most annual plants require six to eight hours of bright sunlight, but a few varieties will thrive in part... Read More »

How do I select an annual plant?

Inspect the plant to make sure that the leaves are approximately the same shade of green. Yellow leaves may be a sign that the plant is distressed or diseased.Remove the plant from the container if... Read More »

Are tomatoes an annual plant?

Tomatoes are warm-season perennials that are commonly grown in vegetable gardens as annuals. Tomatoes are tender to freezing temperatures and stop producing fruit when the temperature drops. Tomato... Read More »