What is an annual fee?

Answer According to The Business Dictionary, an annual fee is "any fee charged on a yearly basis." In essence, an annual fee is a charge levied on borrowers and credit card holders.Credit CardsCredit card... Read More »

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What is the annual pay of secret service agents annual pay guarding the United States President?

500 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun (stainless steel), sub machine gun primarily UZI and beretta M9.

How to Take a Job Instead of Annual Leave?

You've been looking forward to that vacation break all year. But the budget's tight and the money for travel just isn't there. Stay at home and you'll go spare. One solution might just be taking on... Read More »

Annual IRA Limits?

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a financial planning tool that allows an individual to save money for retirement. These savings vehicles are often used as a supplement to a 401k or other ... Read More »

What does annual net income mean?

Annual net income refers to the amount of money made in a year minus expenses. Individuals can find their annual net income by taking the total amount of money earned and subtracting all allowances... Read More »