What is an anesthesia technician's job description?

Answer An anesthesia technician assists in the development and implementation of anesthesia care plans. Employed in a variety of environments, including hospitals and outpatient surgery centers, technicia... Read More »

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What is the job description of an anesthesia tech?

Anesthesia technicians--also known as surgical technologists--prepare patients for surgery and monitor them after the procedure. They work at acute care facilities, hospitals and specialty surgical... Read More »

What to say in a job description for nail technicians?

Due to a growing customer base, we are in need of additional nail estheticians to continue to provide our customers with the high quality service we are known for. Congrats btw.

Military Technicians Job Description?

A Military Technician (MT) is a civilian who works in a branch of the reserves such as the National Guard. This position is vital to the overall well-being of the service, and helps to keep the uni... Read More »

At what level is spinal anesthesia injected?

Spinal anesthesia is placed at the vertebral level of L3/L4, in the subarachnoid space. This is in the low back, just about at the level of the waistline. This type of anesthesia will numb everythi... Read More »