What is an analysis of the balance sheet?

Answer A balance sheet lists the assets, liabilities and stockholders' equity of a company. An analysis of the balance sheet involves reviewing all of the different components of a balance sheet to determ... Read More »

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How to Perform an Analysis for a Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet shows a company's resources (assets) and how it got them (liabilities and shareholders' equity). Often overlooked in lieu of the income statement that depicts revenues and earnings,... Read More »

How Do I Do a Vertical Analysis of a Balance Sheet?

The balance sheet is a snapshot of a moment in time depicting the financial health of a business. The traditional presentation is a formation that resembles a T bar. The left side is the summary of... Read More »

What is an accounting balance sheet?

An accounting balance sheet is a financial statement used by accountants and business owners. A balance sheet gives an indication of a company's financial health. It also is referred to as a statem... Read More »

How to Do an Opening Day Balance Sheet?

A balance sheet gives a snapshot of a business' financial outlook at a particular moment. The basic formula for calculating finances is to add liabilities plus equity to yield total assets. An open... Read More »