What is an alumni association?

Answer An alumni association is a network of graduates of an academic institution or former employees of a business. Within schools, these groups allow those who matriculated to keep in touch, as well as ... Read More »

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What is the singular form of alumni?

The singular form of the word alumni is alumnus. It refers to a male student who graduated from or attended a school, college or university. The word alumnus comes from classical Latin, meaning pup... Read More »

Is alumni singular or plural?

Alumni is the plural form of alumnus. An alumnus is a graduate from any given educational institution and is the Latin word for "pupil" or "foster son." A term such as "the alumni" denotes all the ... Read More »

The president of the home owners association does not pay a monthly association fee and every body else pays-is this correct?

No. Unless there is a specific entry in the governing documents that forgives the president's obligation, the president pays assessments, just like every other owner.

Can a condo association place a lien on a property for non-payment of association fees?

Yes. The association can file a lien on your unit's title, which clouds it and which shows up on your credit rating. Read your governing documents to remind yourself of your contract with the asso... Read More »