What is golden alpaca yarn?

Answer Alpacas, native to South America and first imported to the United States in 1984, are bred primarily for their luxurious fiber. Golden alpacas produce a golden-color yarn that is incredibly soft.It... Read More »

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What yarn is interchangeable with alpaca?

You can use any animal fiber yarn in place of alpaca yarn. The closest substitute for alpaca is llama, but you can use wool or cashmere as well. These are all animal fibers, so they are all warm an... Read More »

What Kind of Mineral Block Do I Get an Alpaca?

Many newcomers to the livestock industry start by raising alpacas. Alpacas are simple to care for over a long period of time, compared to traditional livestock, such as goats or sheep. However, the... Read More »

Alpaca Allergies?

Alpaca wool has long been used as a substitute for conventional sheep wool in the knitting of garments. The fibers are stronger and softer than sheep wool and contain no lanolin. Because of this, p... Read More »

How do i buy an alpaca farm?

Find an alpaca farmLook online for an existing alpaca farm that may be available for sale. There are many online communities for alpaca breeders that have classified listings of farms for sale. Alp... Read More »