What is the show think it was on nick about this alien who kinda has like antenna eyes and was really tall and there was a good alien and a bad one?

Answer I think it was Prometheus and Bob part of KaBlam ! On nickelodeon

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What is the weakest alien from ben10 alien force?

the one that is red and has eyes. This person means Jetray. I personally don't think jetray is the weakest alien. There are others weaker than him.

What are the Ben10 Alien Force alien codes?

Who Is The Best Ben 10 Alien?

Humungousaur,Way Big and XLR8 oh i fergot Alien X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucin me EDIT BY UNDEADAWE: You are wrong, Ultimate Ben is the strongest.

If you see an alien what should you do?

I would take off its mask and reveal that its just a human being masquerading as an alien. Aliens don't exist apart from our imagination there are no such beings, sorry to disappoint you ! :-)Take ... Read More »