What is an aircast?

Answer When facing recovery from a break or serious leg injury, an Aircast can provide support and convenience. Unlike a traditional cast they can be easily removed.What is an Aircast?Aircast makes a pneu... Read More »

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What company makes Aircast?

Aircast braces and vascular systems are made by DJO Incorporated, a multinational company that manufactures products for rehabilitation, physical therapy and pain management. Other brands under DJO... Read More »

Are aircast boots comfortable?

Yes they are they get to be a pain some times but it is much better then crutches trust me

How do you blow up an aircast boot?

With the pump they give you (it's blue) the side that says inflate you will stick in to the hole on the boot and just squeeze it (there should be a hole on both sides of the boot) pump it until you... Read More »

Should an aircast on an ankle be tight or loose?

On One Hand: A Tight Fit Is NecessaryThe aircast ankle brace should have a snug fit against the ankle. When applying the ankle brace, recommends adjusting the heel pad and all straps... Read More »

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