What is an air purifier and does it work?

Answer On One Hand: Reported BenefitsAn air purifier is a machine that removes pollutants and allergens like dust and pet dander from indoor air. While there are a variety of types of air purifiers, the ... Read More »

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How does a camping water purifier work?

Several kinds of water purifiers are available for camping. Some are simple, and others are more complex. Each works in a different way, and has drawbacks and advantages to consider.BoilingBoiling ... Read More »

Which water purifier is the best?

Who invented the air purifier?

According to the Air Purifiers website, Manfred Hammes, a sufferer of chronic asthma, was inspired by his illness to create a solution for his health problem. With the help of Klaus Hammes, he desi... Read More »

Air Purifier or Air Revitaliser?

Neither of those will be much use. If you need to remove dust from your room you need to tackle it at source. Neither of the products you mentioned have enogh capacity to do antyhing more than a fr... Read More »