What is an air intake?

Answer Air intakes are found on many different types of equipment. They are most commonly found on engines and heating and cooling units. Without air intakes, none of these machines would operate.Function... Read More »

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Information on Intake Manifolds & Intake Manifold Gaskets?

Almost all engines have intake manifolds of some sort. The intake manifold is a serpentine arrangement of tubes designed to guide air and in some cases fuel from the engine's main air valve to the ... Read More »

What is an air intake for a car?

Cars use high compression internal combustion engines. In order for an internal combustion engine to work, three components, air, gas and spark must be present and at maximum pressure at the same t... Read More »

Is it okay to have only one intake fan in my PC?

Hi there,Unless you have a lot of heat inside the computer an intake fan and an exhaust fan should work fine.This is in addition to the exhaust fan on the power supply.You can check by downloading ... Read More »

What Is an Intake Manifold?

One of the oldest axioms among car guys is that an engine is essentially a giant air pump. While not technically accurate, this at least gives some idea of how the internal combustion engine works;... Read More »