What is an air handler?

Answer An air handler is part of an air conditioning and forced air heating system. It is housed indoors and moves air through the system. An air handler may be housed in your garage, a closet or in your ... Read More »

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Can you match a 3.5 ton air handler by Gibson 13 seer with a 4 ton 13 seer Rheem air handler?

You can't match an air handler to an air handler. I assume you meant a 3.5 Ton A/H to a 4 Ton condenser. The answer is no. If the A/H was 4 Ton & you had a 3.5 Ton condenser you could with an expan... Read More »

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What is the function of an air handler?

An ir handlers can perform several functions: provide fresh air, help heat, help cool and control humidity. It also can serve as a form of smoke control in fire emergency systems. An air handling ... Read More »