What is an air admittance valve?

Answer Used in plumbing, an air admittance valve (AAV) allows waste water to flow in one direction, but prevents it from passing back toward its source. The valve is activated by pressure and uses an air ... Read More »

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How to Plumb a Kitchen Sink With an Air Admittance Valve?

Kitchen sink drains must be vented properly to keep sewer gases from building up your house's plumbing system. An air admittance valve (AAV) allows you to easily vent the drain for a sink without ... Read More »

What can I say to not be denied admittance to a mental facility?

Ditto to Baby Blues...Your question is ambiguous.....Spell it out with clarity.

How to Plot Admittance on a Smith Chart?

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Are air admittance valves allowed to be used on plumbing systems in Arlington Texas?

Answer Check local codes or call your local building department and hope that the local authorities were honest enough to have prevented these devices from being installed and said no to putting pe... Read More »