What is an affordable way to soundproof a room in existing construction?

Answer Most homes don't come with soundproof walls, much to the dismay of many people. If you are looking for affordable ways to soundproof a room, you can achieve some measure of success. While there is ... Read More »

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What common materials can be used to soundproof a room?

The materials which can be used for soundproof of a room are foam, a lot of board clips, cup holders, thick cloth which has many layers. Room soundproofing can mean the difference between a product... Read More »

How do you soundproof a room?

This is an extremely complex question and I will give short answers without going too much into physics.1. You mention sound proofing. This means keep the sound inside the room. This is great for... Read More »

What is the best way to soundproof a room so no one can hear screaming or the like from the rest of the house?

It's pretty hard to do because sound travels through the smallest of cracks and also conducts along continuous things like pipes and floor joists. If it's a little over-active lovin' that's distur... Read More »

How to soundproof a dorm room?

It's virtually impossible to completely soundproof a dorm room, but there are ways you can dramatically decrease the amount of noise that infiltrates your space so you can have more peace and quiet... Read More »