What is an affiliate rebate processor?

Answer Affiliate rebate processors generally are affiliates of a rebate processing scam. Rebate processing work from home jobs are tempting, but are often false promises.Rebate Processing ScamAn advertise... Read More »

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Affiliate Rebate Processing Scams?

Working at home can sound like a dream job. Plugging in the phrase "work at home" in Google will net thousands of different results, all promising the same financial freedom and easy end user inter... Read More »

If I did not get a tax rebate letter does that mean I am not getting a rebate?

Hello,I assume you are referring to the "economic stimulus payment." This plan is designed to give the American economy a little boost in the wake of all the recession talk.So, how do you know if y... Read More »

What is faster a core2duo 2 processor or pentium4 3ghz processor?

CORE2DUO is faster.P4 processor is enough for this game but game is not need only cpu the most important hardware for video game is Graphic Card if you have poor video card it will get lagging in g... Read More »

What is a tax rebate?

During recessions or fiscal surpluses, governments sometimes issue payments in the form of tax rebates to taxpayers. Rebates are often intended to boost the economy and differ from the tax refunds ... Read More »