What is an affidavit of probable cause?

Answer An affidavit of probable cause is a written document submitted by the police to a judge in support of their request for an arrest or search warrant.FunctionBefore a judge will sign an arrest or sea... Read More »

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Does an affidavit of probable cause have to be accurate?

The statements in a probable cause must be factual, and not made up. They must be accurate to the best knowledge of investigators. The investigators have to base the affidavit on known evidence and... Read More »

What is probable cause?

Probable cause is the legal standard that defines the circumstances under which a police officer may lawfully arrest someone or search people or their property without a warrant.Constitutional Prot... Read More »

What is the law on probable cause?

The U.S. legal system defines probable cause as evidence or facts that would make a reasonable person believe a crime or wrongdoing has been, is being or will be committed. Probable cause is only b... Read More »

What is a probable cause hearing?

Most people will never need a probable hearing; these are generally reserved for serious offenses. While they do not have much legal impact, they give the prosecution and defense valuable insight i... Read More »